Certified Vegan Skin Care that will not cost you the earth

For A Blemish-Free Youthful Looking Complexion

Morning routine: 

Clean skin: with Face Cleansing Powder. 
Under eyes: Apply Aloe Rose Moisturising Gel. 
Tone skin: with Mint and Neem Toner on still damp Skin, leaving out eye area. 
Moisturise/hydrate skin: with Mint and Basil Moisturiser mixed with Aloe Rose Moisturising Gel. 
Lips: Apply a little lip balm only if lips feel dry. 

Afternoon routine: 
In summer: Wipe skin with Mint And Neem Toner, as often as is required, to freshen up/clean the skin. 
In winter: Spray skin with Rose Water- ‘Skin Toner’ to re- hydrates the skin. 

Evening Routine: 
Clean eyes and lips: with Eye Makeup Remover. 
Clean skin: with Aloe Oily Skin Cleansing Gel. 
OR clean skin with Lemon Cleansing Cream only if wearing heavy makeup. 
Tone skin: with Mint And Neem Toner. 
Moisturise skin: with Mint And Basil Moisturiser 
Under eyes: Apply Aloe Rose Moisturising Gel. 
Lips: apply a little lip balm only if lips feel dry. 

SOS: Apply Clay Pack on whole Face if troubled with acne, as often as required. Wash off. 
Put a blob of Clay pack and leave on, to dry out pimples. Wipe off the pack gently with cotton wool dipped in Mint And Neem Toner. Reapply a blob of pack to pimples as often as possible, till the pimples dry out. Tone the Skin with Mint and Neem Toner. Apply Mint And Basil Moisturiser after washing off the Clay Pack to soothe the Skin and lighten any marks. 

WEEKLY: Use Clay pack 

POST ACNE SCARS: Fruit Enzyme Face Pack- once in ten days till required. 
[Do not use the De- Tan Papaya and Rice Pack or the Botanical Pack in the week you use the Fruit Enzyme Face Pack]. 

Follow up with Tri Fruits Shampoo if hair is oily. Follow up with Amla Shampoo if hair is dry, but scalp is oily.